martin-luther-king-jr-day-L-xGOagMI originally wrote this article five years ago on April 4, 2008 which was the 40th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Like now, that was a day to reflect on Dr. King’s largely unfinished work for justice and equality.   At the time I wanted to speculate about what he would say and do about today’s issues had he not been assassinated in 1968.   Dr. King would still be fighting against racism, poverty and war.  In particular, he would be leading the criticism of the United States – not just for our involvement in wars; but for the whole way in which corporations have taken over the global economy.    I also wrote this article originally to support Obama’s campaign for president – which he fortunately won!!

Dr King’s patience would have likely worn thin by now – particularly with the Bush administration (and even President Obama.)  There would have been a lot more civil disobedience and protest if he had lived.  I also believe that the War on Drugs would have been stopped and there would be far fewer prisoners.  I also want to stress how Dr. King’s comments during the last year of his life were much more radical than the sanitized picture the establishment has created of a passive dreamer.  He was an activist and community organizer who never stopped fighting for the poor and powerless (both groups have increased dramatically in past decade.)  Like Jesus and John Lennon he also held firm in his belief in the Power of Love! 

Also you can read his Playboy interview and the testimonial from James Brown.

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