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Now more than ever we need new ideas and approaches for addressing a growing number of urgent social problems.  Most of the fundamental institutions of our current society (e.g., schools and government) have been in place for centuries.  Most of these no longer work very well and seem to have little relevance in or relation to the modern world.   Here you will find a collection of articles, links and other resources that will help you understand and participate in the emerging area known as “Social Innovation.”


This BLOG (i.e., online magazine) will provide the following types of articles:

  • Case studies of successful social innovations at the local community level

  • Profiles of programs, policies and projects that promote social innovation

  • Concepts and principles of social innovation and relations to other key concepts

  • Evaluation of social problems, public policies and innovative social solutions

  • Scholarly reviews and synthesis of key research related to social innovation

  • Description and discussion of innovative social values and belief systems

  • Analysis and evaluation of social movements that have promoted social innovation

  • Profiles and testimonials about the most innovative communities.

I hope that you will learn a lot and become inspired to make society a better place.  There are many opportunities for innovation in your own communities and the organizations you participate in – including your online networks.  Please tell your friends and leave comments!!

Having been an educator for almost three decades I know how to boil down the essential information you need about this important topic.  Each entry will provide you with essential information in an engaging and educational way.

My approach is to collect and consolidate five or more articles from credible media sources that cover an important issue or topic.  I  cut out parts of each article because of redundancy or irrelevance.  You can always click the highlighted titles to read full articles.

My name is Dr. Tom Hoban.  I have been a professor at NC State University for almost 25 years.   My formal education was innovative and interdisciplinary.  I was a pioneer in university-based distance education.  That is the background I bring to this BLOG.

This represents one of my BLOGs here on WordPress.  Others  include:

Hope you become informed and inspired on these websites.


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